Kevin ” Javi” Faison

Kevin ” Javi” Faison was born April 4, 1990 from Wilmington Delaware. Mr. Faison has extensive experience in both the performance and production realms of Entertainment Industry. Javi Faison started dancing at the age of fifteen with a Street Dance crew in Wilmington Delaware. He was the first in his class to have four majors.  Dance, Vocal, Musical Theater and Music Theory at Cab Calloway School of the Performing Arts. He performed as a backup dancer for local artist in New Jersey for Lil Wayne and Trey Songz concerts as an opening act in 2006. In 2009, he was the lead dancer in West side Story for “Delaware All State Theater.” Performed in 2012, with 2Extreme Entertainment for Diggy Simmons concert in Virginia.  Trained with Ken Richards Co-producer for Dancing with the Stars and former President of USA Dance. Kevin became a dance teacher at age of 21 in 2012 at Bancroft Elementary under East side Community Schools with inner city youth and has taught ever since.  Faison was the only male dancer in music video with Vh1 “Love n HIP-HOP” reality TV Star Mariah Lynn February 5, 2017 in New York City.

Being a kid from the projects of Wilmington Delaware with teenage parents has taught me a lot.  I am more conscious of where I came from and where I want to go. One of my biggest dreams is to give back to my city and give Delaware youth the opportunities that I was given. During my first year as a teacher is when I knew I wanted to have my non-profit. Not knowing anything about non-profits but that there was a purpose. I came up with the name Kitts Next Door because of my Favorite Cartoon the “Alley Cats” and Kids Next Door’s mission to protect the kids from the evil teenagers and adults. So many people forget the about the street cats and the kids right next door to us. So we’re here knocking on doors in our neighborhood for the support. We don’t have to be a product of our environment but the imprints of monuments. “No talents to the grave. Because we have the keys to open up doors it just takes a little guidance and one step at a time.